Opened this blog with the intention to interview/feature fellow bloggers โ€ฆ

here is my proposed format but as this is just starting I would most welcome any feedback or suggestions?


Please share a little about your life?
[as little or as much as you like, with or without photos]

Where were you raised?

Do you live far from there now?

Something about your family?

Your education, work and travels?



When, why and how did you start?

What do you most enjoy about it and what have you learnt?

Please share a link to your favourite post and tell us why itโ€™s your favourite?

Please share a link to your most popular post?


Share something funky about yourself or something most people donโ€™t know?


Please feel free to get creative with your presentation or we can do it interview style if you would prefer that I ask you direct questions?




12 thoughts on “Format

Add yours

      1. I really can’t imagine that?! Please have a look at my ‘format’ post on ‘Meet the Bloggers’ … if you go through that in your own time no rush. Then I may ask more questions but always get you to check the final draft.

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      1. I’m afraid this may have to wait – my computer went caput today. The screen finally died after being sick for a while… ๐Ÿ˜ญ
        I find it hard to to write much on my phone. I hope to get a new computer tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜”

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