Whakaahua by Rekha

Rekha offers us delightful photography, mainly of nature and architecture, with a bit of fiction on Whakaahuablog.  She loves to chat in her comments section and her warm humour shines through!  She adds a quirkiness to her posts that make you laugh out loud …


Where were you raised Rekha?
I was born and brought up in the city of Bengaluru, India.

Do you live far from there now?
I still live in Bengaluru where I have been here my whole life! More than two decades in this city and yet I am not bored of living here.  But I think its time I move elsewhere as life is too short and I have a lot of places to visit.

Please share something about your family?
I am the only child and the youngest amongst the cousins. Having said this, I am not a pampered brat. My cousins have kids who are in their teens!

Being the child of working parents, I have spent most of my school vacations alone at home. But I have never missed having a sibling.  Gosh! I can’t imagine sharing my stuff with a younger brother or sister.  If I had an elder sibling… well things would have been different *devilish grin*

Rekha - 1

Sunrise @ Munnar

What about your education, work and travels?
I have done my Bachelor’s in Engineering, Electronics as my main subject of interest. I worked for more than three years after my studies but I had to quit due to health issues. Recovering from paralysis is a painful and slow process and I can proudly say I am now 85% healed. So sometime in the near future, I will start working again.

I have travelled to almost every city in South India. I am yet to explore the other parts of India; Ladakh and North East are first on my list – there can be two first’s right? I have always wanted to settle down in Singapore. I really don’t know why though, to re-live my past life memories??


When, why and how did you start Blogging?
Kate, I think this would be the funniest answer you have ever got … I really have no idea why I started blogging! I was just curious as to ‘how it feels to write on a larger platform’

I started my first blog sometime in May 2016 and have since deleted it. I had no idea what to write! I wrote a post on failure and it was an utter failure! I don’t remember if anyone even read it.

For the first three months after that, I tried different things – photography, quotes, facts and what not! My pen name was anonymousblogger which I realised was way too anonymous so changed it to Supercalifragilisticexialidocious.  Mary Poppins proved to be a lucky charm for me.

I started my photography blog in Feb 2017 – it’s called Whakaahuablog, and now only blog on there.

What do you most enjoy about it and what have you learnt?
Over the span of a year I have made a lot of blog buddies and I love interacting with them. Some are in contact via email and whatsapp too. Blogging is the good kind of social media. I must admit I initially felt bad for not having enough views on my post but during the initial stages of blogging, everyone has this issue.  I have now realised that irrespective of views or likes, I must write because I love to express and share my thoughts and views. Blogging is not a competition where the one with maximum followers receives a prize. I write a lot of quirky humour in my blog and it feels so good when people appreciate my sense of humour.

Please share a link to your favourite post and tell us why it’s your favourite?
My favourite… Difficult to choose one! A few months ago I wrote an article on how thoughts affect our lives – but that was on the deleted blog 🙂


Please share a link to your most popular post?
Popular post has to be one of the best paintings that I have ever done until now. I have posted it with some others, so come and check out my talent …

Can I say that all my posts on Whakaahua are popular? 🙂

Rekha - 1 (2)

Lalbagh’s Flower Show

Share something funky about yourself or something most people don’t know?
Funky about me… Does NERD count as funky? I was a nerd in my school and college. My only real romance was with my books, a most sincere student!  Read/studied the topics taught in class on the same day; completed at least 2-3 revisions before exams; wore glasses; hardly had any friends – I don’t blame myself for this as most of the nerd kids don’t have friends.

I was so shy and an extreme introvert! So silent, hardly spoke to anyone. My voice was almost inaudible and I remember my teacher calling me a Titan watch – the minute and second hands tick-tick sounds louder than you voice – is what she used to say. I am sure if I meet her now, she would say that a donkey’s bray sounds better than my voice.

During my final year of engineering, I do not know what happened, may be it was some ‘bring a change in you’ virus but I changed. I got rid of my glasses through lasiks [eye surgery to allow the light in]. I started socialising. I was no more the shy, silent kid. The study part remained the same though. I am more of an ambivert now.

Apart from that, I think everything else about me is portrayed in my blogs – photography, art (painting), humour, self-help and fiction.







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    Meet the bloggers!
    Kate asked me if I would like to feature in her Meet the bloggers and I immediately said YES! 😀 Sounds interesting right? You get to talk about yourself, it’s like an interview for a magazine. Can I say this is my first ‘feeling like a star’ moment? 😉
    I think I should stop the chit-chat and let you guys read the post. 😀
    Once again, Thank you Kate.

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    Meet the bloggers!
    I got an opportunity to feature in Kate’s Meet the Bloggers.
    I met Kate through my other blog – Whakaahua and ever since then, there’s no looking back; she’s my blog buddy. 😀 I still remember that our first conversation was over a ginger flower.
    Let me stop this chit-chat so that you guys can read the post.

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  3. It’s so interesting that we believe people from all over the world observe a culture “foreign” to our own understanding. We then read these blog posts and begin to see the REALITY that we SHARE more similarities than differences.

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