Le Marche Magic by Issa

I think Issa visited my blog shortly after she started hers as monkey brain, I loved her humour and open warmth immediately. That she was living in exotic rural Italy only added to the charm. Then gradually came the revelations that she had all these other interesting blogs showcasing her local region and her holidays! She writes well and from her heart so well worth a visit.


Where were you raised?
On planet Earth is what I tell people who ask, because I was born in Brooklyn New York but never lived there. First 6 years between Florence Italy, Bodrum Turkey and the South of France, Eze Village. Then moved back to the States to Miami Fla. till 13 then Manhattan NY till 16 then back to Miami till 19 when Life on my own began.


Do you live far from there now?
Ha ha ha… Well I am still on Planet Earth and in Italy near where I spent my first six years!


Please share something about your family?
Father is from Trinidad and now he lives on Nantucket Island. He was and actor in New York when he met my mother, Neith Nevelson who is an artist. I am from a well known artistic family who can be found with google search, my Grandmother Susan Nevelson was a textile designer in Italy who had a company with her best friend Ken Scott. My grandfather Mike Nevelson is a sculptor who is onto his third and best marriage, he is 94yrs old and still going strong living in the States. My great-grandmother is the famous sculptress Louise Nevelson. So all this makes me a “Piece of Work”


And something about your education, work and travels?
Well I went to 13 different schools in 12 years, but I did finish high school.

As far as work I have done everything from camp counsellor, waitress, house painter, then faux painter, model, actress in movies and commercials, construction, food caterer for production companies, landscaper, flower designer, nurse, housewife and my most important job that is ongoing Mother.

Travels: In the U.S. lived in and visited 15 different states. Went to Cuernavaca, Mexico for 3 weeks and stayed 3 months. Have lived in Italy, France and Turkey. Vacationed in England, Egypt, Spain, Trinidad, Jamaica, Bahamas, Vienna, Croatia and Greece.

P.S. and I am not an army brat ha ha ha


How many languages do you speak Issa?
English and Italian now, but when I was young I spoke Italian, English, French and Turkish sunflowers

a field of sunflowers

When, why and how did you start blogging?
My Italian girlfriend Antonella wanted to start a business with me buying and exporting vintage furniture to America. While trying to start a website we were advised to start a blog first. My reaction was, “Blog??? What’s a blog??? Who does that???” While investigating we bought blogging books that I found confusing. It took us a year to buy our domain name “Precious Vintage Nest” but still we were not progressing…. To keep busy and start my own business I thought about what was needed where I live. We had just had terrible earthquakes in our area of Italy call Le Marche. Le Marche is absolutely beautiful and magical for me and I love it here but there is no money to rebuild (still thinking) where can money come from? (light goes on) Tourism! Yes that’s it I will make a business with tourism. Better yet I willmake a website and blog so LeMarcheMagic.com was born!

Then as I was going through menopause my mind was getting jumbled up so Issa Brain Monkey Brain was born as well. All in the same week my husband told me not to put our vacations on Facebook anymore so European Camper Adventures was born as well, January 2017 I gave birth to Three Blog Sites, whew….

Antonella and I just launched P.V.N. PreciousVintageNest.com on wordpress this past month


What do you most enjoy about it and what have you learnt?
I enjoy so much about blogging but first I must say I feel the bloggiest site I have is Monkey Brain. That is where I feel free to be me the introvert, writing what ever comes to my mind, and if people comment or like it’s not that important because it is my brain. Le Marche Magic is my extrovert side and I love it, but it’s a lot of hard work with me driving, walking around new places, taking photographs, coming home doing lots of writing and editing to make posts that people will want to be a part of. I do love it on a different scale but get disappointed when I don’t get feedback. I know it takes time and it’s only been four months.

The unexpected joy I have found and learned from this blogging experience is the people I have met on this four month journey so far. Honestly I think more people should blog as I have found that blogging is giving me a wonderful peace of mind as well, connecting with like-minded and unlike-minded people.

Issa - 1

Please share a link to your favourite post and tell us why it’s your favourite?
Sorry I have two, first from Monkey Brain because it is my mantra on life to bring me to the magic of Le Marche Italy. Second is my home page because it sums up why I am in love with where I live and why I so deeply want to share it with the world


Please share a link to your most popular post?


Share something funky about yourself or something most people don’t know?
I have my own religion it is call, Issaizam and I actually have followers.
Rule #1 Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Rule #2 Be as honest as you can be.



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