Words in the Light by FGM + more …

My favourite French poet has unfortunately declined an interview so he remains a mystery! Yet his poems give us a powerful insight into his delightful romantic heart! FGM’s choice of art is impeccable and often he wields his words into a delightful visual presentation … so many talents!

Frederic writes poetry in both French and English, sometimes in both. He writes many English poems but also loves to write in French and then prefers to make his own translations. He’s always ready to engage one on one through his blog contact and admits he’s uncomfortable with prose.

Expressing himself through poetry is his gifted passion. Is this the only blog I’ve spotted with his comments turned off? But he totally appreciates readers and likes, and has a delightful smile!



I would also like to draw your attention to some other fascinating bloggers who may be interviewed at a later time but would be your loss if you didn’t know about them earlier!

Jane is a gifted poet and creator in many ways … she is currently exploring her childhood to heal the damage from a dysfunctional father.


Adoption is writing her life story in an objective and fascinating manner about her UK/US adoption

Both these ladies are exceptionally creative writers in very different ways who are documenting to heal their past, so they are real life stories.


de Wets Wild are a young couple who post fabulous photos with stories of their wildlife in South Africa


For delightful poetry on a range of topics meet Samantha a UK teacher living in Switzerland

We all have varied interests so these interviews will give you some insight into other blogs! This is just a teaser … 🙂


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      1. Thank you.
        Some bloggers like to be asked first, but I’m not one of them. My blog is there for all to see – otherwise I wouldn’t be here.
        I always call you Kate, but that’s not your name, is it?

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