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Met Mich sometime ago as she writes lovely poetry, travels and has an enquiring mind … all attributes that I greatly admire. She is sharing a photo of her four beautiful daughters for the first time to prove that you can raise modest, honest and grounded kids in today’s world. A real tribute to her mothering skills, effort and values; so they are all blessed to have each other in this loving family unit.
Read on to learn more about this fascinating lady …


Please share some details about your life – where you were raised, family, education and travel?
I was born and raised in the Philippines. I graduated with a degree in Mass Communication Major in Journalism. When I got married a career in media didn’t seem possible anymore so I took up teaching. I did some units in Education and at the same time took the local board exams for teaching. Thus my career in education was born. I enjoyed it so much that I pursued my Masters and eventually went on to complete my Ph.D. I started my teaching career as a pre-school teacher, then moved on to teach elementary and high school students. Later on I was employed as a College professor where I taught for five years until I realized that I was getting too busy and had less time for my children who were growing up quickly. After 15 years of teaching I decided to resign and be a full time mom to my four lovely girls.

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My family loves to travel a lot and create memories together. My kids have now grown up. I have a 21 year old daughter who will graduate as a Chemical Engineer soon. My second daughter is in Senior High School, my third and youngest are both in Junior High School. They are all doing really well in school and they are well mannered children. They are down to earth kids who always believe and trust us for whatever decisions they may make. They are each other’s best friends even though they have their own set of friends but they make sure that all their friends share the same set of values as them.  Their outside home friends became each other’s friends too; thus, extending their bonds as sisters even outside our home.

Our family has recently experienced a very sad death. My youngest daughter’s best friend, Zoe who was only 13 years old died of cancer of ovary last week. Zoe was like a sister to them so that’s why it has been a very emotional week for all of us.

My husband works as an Engineer in another country but comes home every two months for a least 20 days.

Life is good, actually the best. I probably have everything every woman would want for in life and I am really thankful. I will be turning 41 this June and I have learned life’s lessons the hard way over the years but my spirit stays strong because after all I am still blessed.

I do yoga and exercise daily as this keeps me sane. Yes, you read it right “sane”. Why? Well, because sometimes mommy duties can be very overwhelming especially if you’re a hands-on mom. And raising four intelligent girls is no joke.  My only consolation is that I have managed to keep their feet grounded while at the same time helped them to excel in every endeavour that they undertake.

I love coffee. It has been my constant companion except for my pen and paper and my smart phone that I use to blog.  I only blog, I don’t have any other social media accounts. Why? Because I still believe in keeping my private life private. Why do I blog then? It makes me exercise my creative mind and at the same time it is fun to have a virtual self. And I am now enjoying the company of my virtual blogger friends as well. I get to have an intellectual and sometimes poetic discourse with everyone.

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Can you tell me something about how you started blogging, what you enjoy and what you’ve learnt? 

I started blogging when I resigned from work as I needed an outlet for my creative mind. One day while traveling I happened to see an article about WordPress … then I hit the button of my computer and began writing. At first I didn’t know what to do or how to do it … I had no idea what focus my blog would take. So my initial months on wordpress were a bit shaky.

It became more than the idea of sharing my thoughts to all of my readers I really enjoy the intellectual and poetic discourse with other bloggers as well. I have brilliant blogger friends (that includes you). The best thing about blogging is learning new and fascinating things and ideas from other bloggers. Ideas are endless in wordpress and that’s really really amazing.


What’s your favourite post?

My favourite post is “Summer Rain”  .. This poem gave birth to a series of summer rain themed poems that really boosted my statistics and helped me gain new followers. Please go check out this series of summer rain poems as you will be surprised by how it ended … I too was surprised!!!
Which is your most popular post? 

This is my most popular post, a collaboration with Rose of Poet Rummager; a haiku


Please share something funky or what most people don’t know?

Modesty aside, it’s always my age. I am blessed with really “young looking” genes that people are always confused about my age and maybe because at 41 I also manage to keep myself fit. Having given birth to four girls, women this age are expected to look old and fat. Luckily I am not like that and I would credit my dedication to exercise and having a healthy diet.


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  1. I commented on Mich’s site and here again! This was beautifully composed and you got all the most amazing stuff that is so true about Mich for everyone to read and feel blessed to know her! Thank you Kate!

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  2. Great to know more about you Mich 🙂 You have four beautiful and very happy daughters:) I also found blogging a way of expressing my thoughts, and it is something I gradually fell in love with. it has helped me to make sense of some of my feelings especially in difficult times. I hope you are well. Take care
    – Carly

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  3. Aw, your girls are lovely, Mich! Thanks for the shout out, too. We must write together again. It was fun reading about you! If we ever meet, we have to drink some good, robust coffee.

    Great questions, Kate. You have a wonderful blog!

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  4. Ohh Rose the coffee would love that..coffee in New Jersey (right?)..who knows…we must write again really..

    And oh Kate such a kind remark..i am just being the best mother to my wonderful kids..

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