Matters for the Heart by Di

Di has only recently joined the blogging world and her posts are focused on self discovery and the healing therapies .. she is active on other social media and currently doing a photography course, all of which she shares from her heart .. she and hubby are relocating to London soon so she is off on a big adventure real soon 🙂


Where were you raised?
I was raised in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia and have lived here all my life.

Do you live far from there now?
Actually, no. We have lived in the same side of the city for all our life except for a short time in the city’s North side not long after being married.

Something about your family?
I am one of four girls, raised by parents who lived here in Melbourne all their life too. The only exception was Dad’s involvement in the War when he was sent to New Guinea for duty.

I have a husband whom I met when I was 17. We have three adult children, all with their own wonderful partners now. We are officially empty nesters, after a bit of a revolving door while the children settled into adult life in earnest.


Your education, work and travels?
Well, we had children young, so travel was put on hold for many years.
I was training to be a nurse when we discovered we were having our first baby, Andrew.

Peter arrived 16 months later, then Danielle, 4 years after Peter. So life took a different turn for us.  I became a stay at home mum for most of those years, returning to employment becoming an Integration Aide when Danielle began secondary school. That was where I was employed.

Over the years, my love of alternative therapies was growing, and I’ve received certificates in Kinesiology, Psychology at Year 12 level as a returned mature age student, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, and attended first year University to whet my appetite for Health and Nutrition. It was unbelievably intense, and I decided to leave it. I fell into Photography and have been studying an online iPhone Photography course ever since.

Since the children were in their late teens, we have travelled quite intensively, especially since Peter married his Italian wife in Italy. We have visited China, South America, some parts of Europe, The United Kingdom, but have only ever been away for four weeks total on any given trip.

Hubby and kids

hubby and the kids with partners

When, why and how did you start blogging?
I began officially on 24th February, 2017, but it had been brewing in my mind for a few years. I have learnt so much from reading other people’s accounts of their life journey over the years, reading about their hardships, inspirations, how they overcome obstacles, and really wanted to share parts of my life too that may provide encouragement for others.

It has become a discovery of self, and a path towards self-acceptance.

One day, I was reading a post, and decided I just had to begin before I talked myself out of it … I paced up and down before I finally opened the link to begin writing my first post, wrote my heart out, took a deep breath, and pressed ‘Publish,’ sending it out into the world with my best of intentions. I do that now with every post, placing my hand over the screen or holding my phone close to my heart.

What do you most enjoy about blogging and what have you learnt?
I have really taken to blogging because of the selfless sharing between the bloggers that occurs. There is a real sense of ‘there is enough goodness for everyone’ here. It’s a privilege to have joined such a giving community where we all feel a connectedness, sense of loyalty and take pride in another’s success. It’s been a journey for me to allow myself this openness.

I also enjoy finding my ‘voice’, after holding so much inside through fear for much of my life. That sense of not quite knowing where or how I fit into life.
But the support and encouragement that I received, as well as witnessing it between other blog posts in comments, is so powerful.

As a result, some new friendships have been created and the meeting of people from all over the world has been a long held dream of mine.

I can say I’ve learnt more about the human condition, empathy, kindness, to name a few, from reading heartfelt posts, whereby it’s more obvious through the written word that we all share certain things, things that often people don’t necessarily share in day to day face to face life. The pouring out of support through someone’s time of need is so strong, and due to the nature of reading about it daily, we realise how much people really are going through.
…And that’s empowering.

Please share a link to your favourite post and tell us why it’s your favourite?

Time for us all to bloom –  would have to be one of my favourites because I wrote this in a very short time when I felt moved to just implore people to stop being ashamed of who they are and just accept themselves. I wrote it with passion and bashed away at those keys. I think someone must have triggered something in me at that time, as being on social media, people will often share their inner most thoughts.

I know what a dreadful place it is to be so down on yourself, to feel insecure.
My wish is that I can show others through this post what it looks like to love and accept ourselves.  I included a link to a talk by Brene Brown, a researcher who helped me on my way, and I was very proud and excited to share this information.

Please share a link to your most popular post?

Autumn leaves and forgiveness
Share something funky about yourself or something most people don’t know?
Ooh that’s a fun one…

Well, I think I’d say it’s that I love wearing gypsy/Bohemian/Hippy style tops, sparkly pins in my hair and lots of colourful things.

When I make it to San Francisco, I’m going to be singing “If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear flowers in your hair…” as that song from my childhood suggests…and I will!




13 thoughts on “Matters for the Heart by Di

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  1. Oohh been following Di for a while now…and its wonderful to see her opening up herself with you Kate..
    I actually realized that maybe few more years from now..i will be like kids will be grown up..i can go back to work again…and oh the thought of them leaving the house is heartbreaking..

    What will i do in a big house alone?…lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. go travelling, live abroad with hubby, cruise the world .. there are endless possibilities, so please don’t be sad Mich .. would be more sad if they never left home, remained dependent on you and didn’t have their own families and life 🙂


      1. you need to get her under control, altho most Mum’s struggle with the empty nest syndrome but Di is off on a big adventure moving to London soon .. so your next chapter of life starts 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hello Kate,
        Thank you for this lovely, kind opportunity to express myself here.
        I just replied to Mich and then your comment appeared.
        I couldn’t agree with you more…after working with students with disabilities, I learnt quickly that your words ring very true…it’s the way it’s meant to be, to have our children live their own version of life and to hopefully enjoy it.

        Thank you again,
        Much love and gratitude from Di 💐💕

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Hello Mich,
      Thank you so much for reading this interview and for your kind words.
      I totally understand what you are feeling about the fear of the empty nest. I was utterly fearful but I can assure you that once you welcome new members into the family through the partners of your children, you actually have more to love rather than less, and a new sense of purpose to make those new members feel part of the family.
      Enjoy where you are at now and the rest will unfold….
      Thank you again,
      Best wishes,
      Di 💐💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re very welcome Mich. I think you will after a while.
        You have different, but no less wonderful, relationships with them. It’s fun.
        Take care and thank you again for reading 💐💕

        Liked by 2 people

  2. What a lovely interview Di, I was very keen to read it after I met Kate today and found out you’d been interviewed. Even lovelier given that we’ve met and I already feel as though I know you a little bit. I wish you a wonderful and happy time in London on your upcoming trip and look forward to catching up with you before then. Big hugs to you Di and also to you Kare on another very inspiring interview. xo

    Liked by 1 person

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