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Can’t remember when I met QG but it was ages ago, her mother also blogs as “TINK”.  Quirky writes great pieces about parenting, lack of cooking skills … all the little things in life in a totally hilarious manner.  Need a good laugh then hang out there for a while and your day will be brighter …

Please give a brief personal background and talk about your hobbies/interests?
I’m a fascinating mix of New Yorker/Washingtonian/Arizonan/No Man Lander. I was an avid reader as a child, and I’d write for hours at time about… well, everything a kid could possibly imagine. I’ve had a knack for finding humor in unexpected places for as long as I can remember, along with a tendency to see the world through a somewhat different perspective. Yet instead of going down the logical path of a writer, I set out to study Aeronautical Science in college and learned to fly Cessna planes. But my heart wasn’t in it. I also dabbled in Interior Design for a bit before having my two wonderful sons. But deep down, I always knew I was meant to write. It’s a natural force of attraction for me. Which is awesome, because writing is better therapy than drinking. And it’s far more cost effective, too!

When, where and why did you start blogging?
Life threw my family a curveball in 2014, and we ended up moving to No Man’s Land (my semi-affectionate appellation for Texas). Writing and humour became increasingly important to me during that challenging transition. By July 2015, I decided to actually do something productive with my writing. So I paired my sassy (and slightly smart-assy) wit with my passion for writing, and Comically Quirky was born.

What blogging tips or advice would you give someone just starting?
Write about the things you’re genuinely passionate about. Be authentic, and make sure your unique voice shines through your words. Don’t get discouraged when you don’t magically have thousands of followers overnight. Be realistic, consistent, and persistent. And if all else fails, start stalking other bloggers with tons of followers to see what their secret is. (Just kidding! Seriously, please don’t do that. It’s a horrible idea, and it might freak people out.)

What do you most enjoy about blogging and what have you learnt?
Blogging is about so much more than the mere act of writing. I’m not the most social person in reality, but I love being part of this wonderful blogosphere and meeting people from all corners of the world. I’ve also learned just how much I enjoy making people laugh. If I’ve managed to play even the tiniest of roles in brightening someone’s day, then I’ve accomplished my purpose. Which is far more than I accomplish around the house lately, it seems.

Has your blog or writing led to opportunities for you?
It has connected me to all sorts of wonderful writers and bloggers. Starting my own blog was precisely the kick I needed to get back to writing, and holding myself accountable for creating humorous pieces I’d be excited and proud to share with literally anyone, anywhere in the world. Perhaps even with Martians on other planets, too! But I don’t know if they’d really “get” my humour, if you know what I mean.

What methods do you use to expand your readership?
While I do promote my blog on Twitter ( and Facebook (, I find the best way to gain new readers is by searching WordPress for interesting blogs to follow, commenting on fellow bloggers’ posts, and always responding to reader comments on my own blog. Interesting enough, I’ve been informed my comments on other blogs have intrigued readers enough that they are compelled to stop by Comically Quirky and check out my writing… or to try to figure out if I’m truly that quirky. It’s hard to be sure sometimes. Either way, it’s a great way to meet new people.

Time management can be a challenge for bloggers: how do you stay disciplined and organised?
Being realistic with both time allocation and expectations is crucial. I started out with the intention of writing one solid post a week, because I knew I could manage that even when life brought challenges. When we adopted our amazing dog Jett several months ago, The Bigly Bestest Doggie was practically begging to be part of Comically Quirky. Thus, a new weekly feature was added- Tuesday Tails ‘n’ Tweets. So now I blog twice a week, but I do my best to keep things simple and manageable. If it’s not enjoyable, it becomes a punishment, and that defeats the whole purpose of writing and blogging. And I, for one, am definitely not a glutton for punishment.


Which is your favourite post and why?
Oh, come on! I can’t choose just one! That’s like asking a parent to pick her favourite child. So it’s a toss-up:

Mortifying Modus Operandi
Highlighting all the ways parents can embarrass their poor kids in the most epically entertaining manner ever, this one’s just plain fun.

Very, Very Unfairy
This hilariously quirky monologue inspired the creation of The Bigly Bestest Doggie’s fun-filled weekly feature, Tuesday Tails ‘n’ Tweets. 

Purposefully Perplexed
Purpose seems to be one of life’s greatest challenges. I try to find mine the only way I know how- through humour, of course! 

Snips, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails
It’s hard not to compare the pros and cons of kids versus pets. Luckily, I’ve done the hard work so you can all see for yourselves who the clear winner is, once all is said and done. If there really is a winner, that is…

Southern Inhospitality
One of my earliest posts, it gives a glimpse into my…uh, distinctive personality.


What has been your most popular post and did you expect it to be the most popular?

World’s Okayest Mom
I guess this one simply resonated with fellow moms. It’s short, sweet, and apparently all too relatable. Besides, moms are awesome! And also kind of scary, come to think of it…


Share something funky about yourself, or something that most don’t know?
I was a karate kid, earning my black belt in Tang Soo Do at the age of 11. I have a pretty cool badass high kick, in case anyone was wondering. I also learned to ride dirt bikes about five years ago, but recently traded my bike in for a cool Kawasaki Ninja after officially getting my motorcycle license. So now I ride freely among cows and cornfields. Ah. The joys of living in the middle of nowhere!


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    1. Uh oh! Don’t let my boys hear you say that! But really, the fact of the matter is that while my boys certainly give me plenty of writing material to work with, Jett does not backtalk and gives me ulcers… 😛

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  1. Reblogged this on comically quirky and commented:
    Happy Friday, friends! Have you been desperately yearning to discover just how crazy…I mean quirky, I might be? Then you’re in luck! Check out my interview with Kate, the lovely creator of Meet the Bloggers. Packed with fascinating fun facts about yours truly, along with advice for new bloggers and links to my favorite blog posts, it’s a great way to pass a few minutes. (Oh come on. You weren’t really all that excited about doing yet another load of laundry, were you? Yeah. Didn’t think so.)

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      1. It’s funny you say that. I just glanced over at the massive heap of laundry sitting on my bed, waited to be attended to. I’m tempted to just close the door and pretend it’s not really there…. 😛

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      2. Haha! Not quite. If I don’t get around to finishing up before I go to bed (as is frequently the case), I simply drop the freshly laundered heap into the clean laundry basket. Voila! Problem solved! I mean, until the next day, when the fun starts all over again… 😂

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      3. Unfortunately, I’m likely out of contention for writing that “perfect parent” book. Which is hardly surprising, as I clearly have yet to figure out what the heck I’m even doing, myself… 😂

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  2. I’ve known QG and TINK for some time now. Love their humor and wit. Glad to follow their blogs. One must take time to prepare one’s mind prior to reading QG; this is essential to minimizing laugh lines and crow’s feet from uncontrollable laughing!!

    Great interview!! 🙂

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  3. I knew I found the name familiar, I have been following this blogger and yes, I do make it a point to visit them once in a while and catch up on what I’ve missed reading out on. Good interview. Time to catch up on some of her latest posts…

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