Bushboy’s World by Brian

Brian commented on one of my poems on Daily Post which is how I first found Bushboy’s blog. His bird photos are exceptional.  We’ve chatted through the comments section [where many a good friendship starts] and recently he posted a poem … talent!  Then doing this interview I found he also has a series which is well worth reading.  So please click on the links below or it will be your loss…


Please give a brief personal background and talk about your hobbies/interests?
I have included links about me from my blog so I guess you’ll just have to have a read if you really want to find out more about this bushboy.

I really enjoy gardening as it brings nature close. Many photos are taken from my verandah or looking out of the door or window of my office while sitting in my chair. I love nature and the world around me.

Quite often there is music playing while I write. I have almost 15 GB of music on my computer. I play guitar every now and then.

I like to build stuff using second hand things or re-use timber to make whatever someone needs or I want.

I really enjoy being on the computer to find out stuff or to play with my photos. Being out in the Australian bush, I have a satellite internet connection so I usually have a game of cards to play while waiting for pages to load or probably to waste time doing that instead of meaningful stuff.

scarlet honeyeater_named_small_ home_nov 2016

When, where and why did you start blogging?
My first blog was a My Space page which only had a couple of things, rubbish really. I commenced with WordPress in 2012, my first blog was about me https://bushboy.blog/2012/03/12/the-start-again/ The next few blogs had more of me, some travelling and then the photos started. My first followers were good people from my Twitter site who encouraged me to start a blog.

I can’t remember the first photo challenge I posted, which has now become addictive. A blogger Yvette https://priorhouse.blog who found my blog while looking for a chook photo, said I should do photo challenges. A blogger, Dahlia – https://mysilverstreaks.com/, encouraged me to do more photo challenges too. So now my blog is all about photo challenges, my photos about my world and the occasional poem.

I also had been writing a tale so I thought I would put that on my blog also https://bushboy.blog/2012/08/24/the-seeker-part-one/ there are now 9 parts to The Seeker, which has been left undone for quite a while. Part 1 was published on an Irish web page and used as the story in a writers club. I like cooking so there’s a couple of my recipes on my blog too.

What blogging tips or advice would you give someone just starting?
I don’t have any tips, just write and do what feels good for you.

What do you most enjoy about blogging and what have you learnt?
I think the comments that people make about my posts is an enjoyable aspect of blogging.

It makes you want to get better at what you are doing and try to have fun.

caper white butterfly_named_small_home_nov 2106

Has your blog or writing led to opportunities for you?
Connecting with people all over the world through my blog. The chance to actually meet these people when travelling will be a fabulous opportunity.

What methods do you use to expand your readership?
I haven’t any methods really. Participating in challenges has led to an increase in followers so get out among other blogs and post on their page. Using tags also can help.

Time management can be a challenge: how do you stay disciplined and organised?
I don’t

Which is your favourite post and why?
I don’t have a favourite post. There is a blog challenge I look forward to every month, Paulas Pick a Word photo challenge https://bopaula.wordpress.com/ This gives me a chance to discover words and find a photo to match the word. I enjoy Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge too as it gives a chance to get out those photos that have been taken and you wonder why you took it in the first place https://ceenphotography.com/cees-challenges/cees-odd-ball-photo-challenge/

blue banded bee_named_binna burra_jan 2015

What has been your most popular post, did you expect it to be the most popular?
This post has had the most views https://bushboy.blog/2014/08/19/flowers-birds-bees-and-fish/ I don’t know why as it has the worst of my photos and the layout is crap. The post about fungi https://bushboy.blog/2013/09/27/these-are-fungi/ has the next most views thanks to Pip Courtney, Landline presenter, Retweeting my Tweet.

I wrote a post about my blogging in 2017 which tells a lot about my blogging https://bushboy.blog/2017/12/23/something-happened-in-2017/

Share something funky about yourself, or something that most don’t know?
I love fashion, have a collection of ties. Try to find 70’s paisley ties or the unusual but not the cheesy jokey crap ties, and I have an Axolotl.

huntsman_home_named_nov 2014

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  1. Reblogged this on bushboys world and commented:
    Thanks Kate for the pushing to get me to be out there, There’s a lot about me that you don’t know and some that has been posted before. I have never reblooged before so maybe I should start. Do you reblog? Enjoy a travel through bushboys world, Drop me a line and say hi. Promise to write back.

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  2. I love bush boy’s world and am honored to be part of B’s blogging journey!
    Great interview here and really have to say that the blogosphere is the better for having Brian actively in it.

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      1. I always do – I came from his blog actually – and did not realize you two were connected (I am new to following CalmKate but not new to my dear old BushyBoy)

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      1. That’s so funny. He sent me a link to your interview, they were very similar, so I want to dig more deeply into his challenges and what spurred them. Less personal stuff, but it was so interesting to read your interview.

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      2. I’m looking forward to chatting with him. Besides I love the Australian accent. I’m sure you have it as well. The first time I zoomed with someone from Melbourne, I had to listen hard. She was telling me all about taking pictures in “camera roll.” The more she talked about it the more I knew something was wrong. I had never heard of “camera raw” but “camera roll” made no sense as a setting on your camera. Finally, she spelled it. LOL.

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