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Second interview done 25.3.17 … am reposting with GHs update!

Life has taken a period of calmness in the health department for me. I am not incarcerated in Bates Motel annually for the last 2 years…thankfully and am not complaining.

But it does not mean that I am pain free. I am still riddled with pain from my bag of bones.
The etimology of my disease is bearable whilst I focus on attending to my parents’ needs.
Mum has been a bug bear since her fall at home in January 2018 and is rather difficult when she wants to be.
Dad is getting loopier and there is nothing I can do about it.
Life goes on as I work hard to earn my keep and sanity.
Again, thankfully the upper spirits of the heavenly realm has decided to give me a respite from Evil Lords.
I do not have time to smell the roses as one would say as I am occupied alot with whatever free time for voluntary social work and groceries.
Have I changed in outlook of life?
Not in cynicism nor being sardonic or humorous.
But I am definitely more accepting of life’s punishments on me and knowing that I have no one to rely on from sibling department.
Like I told Eunuch, I am the Unholy Trinity of ME, MYSELF & I….when there is a tremendous amount of workload.
Compassion is lacking in working world.
I expect none but I will claw back or at least hiss like Garfield and show my fangs!
Life goes on…que sera sera!

Garfield still blogs but now mostly jokes and food porn

GH’s easy writing style draws me in with graphic details of her family, health, work and romantic complications. And although her suffering is very real I am fascinated by her frank acceptance of the harsh realities that life has dealt her. She adds photos and the best cartoons from the net – we obviously have a similar sense of humour and it is evident in this chat at the cosy café Meet the Bloggers!


Please share something about your life, studies, family, work and hobbies?

I am a true blue Singaporean and use the blogger name, Garfield Hug.

I like to think that I am fairly intelligent, having done my bachelor’s at the University of Oregon, USA double majoring in Economics & Political Science and minoring in Western Art & Architecture. I have a Masters in Business Administration from the Nanyang Technological University and am labelled officially Mentally Below Average (MBA)!

My sister and her family live in Auckland, NZ. My brother lives in Hong Kong. My parents live in Singapore, like me. They are just half an hour’s drive away.

I sought Permanent Head Damage (PhD) but realised cost versus returns would not make much material difference.

I am nuts over Garfield, the inanimate fur-ball creation of Jim Davis, and I have a record collection of 475 Garfield items. Jim Davis has personally penned me a thank you note for taking good care of Garfield!!

Singapore is a lil red dot. Unlike the Land Down Under – Australia my residence – we can go point to point within an hour or two hours if traffic is bad! Yup, we are that tiny in size!

I have lived and worked in a land called “Fragrant Harbour” or Hong Kong. I have also lived and worked in Macau, cities such as Zhuhai, Hainan and Guangzhou. My best work travel destinations are Stavanger, Norway; Amsterdam, Brighton, UK.

Nutty about winter fishing off jetties, I travel to Perth, Adelaide or Auckland, New Zealand to catch breams, skippies, whitings or King Georges. I am great at squid jigging and can easily catch 2 to 3 squids in the wee hours of the morning or dusk in Perth waters. But I don’t eat squids – shellfish allergies but others with me, gobble my catch happily!

Working in MNCs or SMEs has been my forte and I dabble in people relationships. When one needs to hire or fire anyone, I am the “go to” person. I am also the person to go to for anything that no one knows.

Evil Lords think I am a “know all, see all and do all!”

I am either very appreciated or heavily exploited for my talent. 99.99% is true for the latter as I am heavily exploited.

I used to work for Scorpion King, Electrical Lord, but now I work for Dragon Lady. I have no work luck i.e. non-appreciative bosses. Hmm … must be my karma or past life owings to these morons!


Please tell about how you started blogging and what it means to you?

I love blogging. It is my vent for a day’s woe or any day’s disgusting work experience! Words flow ad nauseam like Ernest Hemmingway except I am no literary genius that is read by students. Alas!

I have posted more than 3,645 posts and have had almost 80,000 views since I started actively blogging in 2013. I like to think that I am entertaining some kind folks with my whining, venting and lemony tales of my life! But I know the kind folks who read my posts are really great people, encouraging me when I am down, ill or upset.

Don’t get me started on my illness! I have been chopped up so much that I must be a living cadaver of sorts. My surgeons are brilliant folks and they sew well. Or maybe I heal well or both! I have a bag of titanium rods and screws in me that I light up like a Christmas tree at airport checkpoints. Expensive too!!

Aah well…I am alive…at least for now. One day at a time.

If I awake, I live. If not, hmm I wonder if I float? Anyway… I am no one great. I do my best in life. Sometimes my best isn’t good enough. Other times it is ok.

I have heaps of posts. They are all read most times and my favourite series are ‘Ode to Garfield’ and ‘And So The Story Goes’. [the later is up to episode 58 at this time!]

Do pop by to Garfield Hug and have a peek at what’s up in my life.

Have fun and stay chipper always … when life throws me lemons, I find recipes for lemony stuff! Indulge, laugh and be happy till we next meet via a post!


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