Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Kamal and I have been reading and commenting on each others blogs for so long that I have completely forgotten how we met.  She has a real talent for meaningful stories, cute poems and funny jokes … so she certainly mixes up her posts. Read on for a further taste …


Give a brief personal background and talk about your hobbies/interests?

My name is KAMAL and am a Zoroastrian by birth. I work for an Oil Company in Mumbai and have two children. My daughter is married with a son, while my son has not yet married. We have a beautiful little angel her name is AMBER, she is our golden retriever who loves us unconditionally. With my husband and his mother that completes my small family. I loved writing poems from a very young age and have recently started writing stories mostly about what impacts people lives. I love reading good inspirational and spiritual books that have a deep impact on my life too.

When, where and why did you start blogging?

Since I started writing poems and stories, my son’s friend suggested I start a WordPress bloggers site to continue what I like to do. Since I am not very internet savvy he started the blog for me and I always wanted to have my Master’s presence everywhere who is everything for me so I named my blog “Boundless Blessings” and I started about three years ago.

What blogging tips or advice would you give someone just starting?

Keep your stories, poems or whatever you like simple and reader friendly. It must appeal to those reading it. Another very important thing is one needs to encourage the other blogger by not simply by pressing the LIKE button but appreciating, reading and commenting on their post. So that they feel that their work is appreciated by other bloggers. I have seen many bloggers who would like us to comment on their blog but they do not want to comment on our work of art. It has to be a two-way communication and that is how the blogger continues in WordPress blogging for many years.

What do you most enjoy about blogging and what have you learnt?

I love blogging but every day becomes a little too much because one has to do other work too. One cannot concentrate on blogging only. I like keeping various types of work like one day I will be writing a moral story that are eye openers in themselves and tells so much truth and how we must behave with ourselves and improve in our outlook. Other times I like to put up poems that have so much touch of beauty and naturalness in them and so on. I would not want to bore my readers.

What I have learnt from blogging is that I have made so many virtual friends who are such wonderful and beautiful beings. It is so nice to hear kind words and thanks from them and that your work is appreciated the world over. I do not distinguish about anyone or anybody. For me we are MANY in the ONENESS and for me all are priceless and this World is a Beautiful Place to Live if we all root out SELFISHNESS and work towards SELFLESSNESS!

Has your blog or writing led to opportunities for you?

Oh! Yes Kate definitely. In my office we have a monthly magazine and every month they very kindly put up my stories or my poems and I get a lot of reviews and accolades for my work. This is all thanks to WordPress which is a great platform where my work is showcased. I am trying to publish my book of short stories maybe by the end of this year and then later my book of poems too.

What methods do you use to expand your readership?

My stories are quite easy to read as I do not use any jargon or difficult words. They also have a simple meaning in that they pertain to our lives and my poems are mostly to do with a touch of spirituality or with the natural surroundings and a fervent longing to be with the One who is in all of us. His love, His grace is always flowing in all these works. I have a great following on WordPress and so nice to hear comments from my followers.

Time Management can be a challenge how do you stay disciplined and organized?

Yes sometimes time is a great challenge and that is the reason I have started putting up my post only twice a week because there is work too. I also love reading posts from other bloggers and commenting too, so I take out time of my day and do so. That is the discipline that I have kept and when I have to do my other work or at my home too, I am not focusing on the Internet or social media.

Which is your favorite post and why?

There is nothing like a favorite post for me. All my stories and poems are favourite to me. There is so much learning that one can get out of them. If you are asking about other bloggers than I can say there are many who write inspiring and encouraging posts.

And I must say Kate, I love the way you write on any subject of interest and you go so deep into it and are so encouraging to all of us. Love your apt pictures too they are so cute. [Thank you!]

What has been your most popular post and did you expect it to be the most popular?

Actually many of my post have been liked by so many bloggers and they have reblogged them on their pages too. So I could not pick one like that because all my posts I feel are great and are very inspiring and life lessons are learnt from them.

Share something funky about yourself or something that most don’t know?

Oh! You must have seen me posting these naughty fun loving posts time and again so I love laughter, love to be happy, love to be with friends, cracking jokes and sometimes will go dancing or having a gala time too. I love seeing good movies too and when on holiday we have a great time. It is not that I will not have anger or stress in life and you must ask my family about me how I am but with the help from my Master whose presence is always with me and his teachings that have had a great influence on my life, I have learnt to inculcate his words and silence. All this is a continuous process. We as humans stumble and are weak and go thru pain and struggles but as he says this is all a Vacant Dream nothing has ever happened and nothing ever will. We are all Eternal Souls and Everlastingly One and there is nothing but LOVE in this entire Universe. Love God so much that you forget yourself. A beautiful message on Life Has He said: ‘This Life is a divine mighty Joke. Joke is the very word, most suitable, mighty divine joke and Zero. To call it even ZERO would make it exist.’

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  1. This is awesome and am feeling so happy and elated for your kind gesture dear Kate. I am so happy to have met you as a friend who is so beautiful in all her divine ways. You have made a difference in my life. Thanks a trillion for this opportunity. I have no words to say. I loved the whole interview and the family pictures too. Thank you once again. Love and blessings to you from the One who is in All of US.

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  2. It was such a pleasure reading your interview Kamal. Your love for reading spiritual books reflects in your blog as you spread so much of positive vibes across the blogosphere. Such a lovely family pic Kamal. I must say you look like young and cool grandmom :). Stay blessed 🙂

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      1. Thanks dear Kate so much and it is so good to have wonderful friends on our WordPress blog that though we have not met in person there is so much love between all of us. This is what He wants that we all come together as love and togetherness.

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      2. Yes dear why have differences when the whole humanity is love all these so called religions have made all of us mad when the lord comes and tells us that we r all one and never comes with religion but his message age after age is Love.

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    1. Thanks dear Zaza for your awesome compliments to me, my family and my blog. All thanks to our Lord and Master who is in all and through him all these lovely works of art are so beautifully portrayed. I too reciprocate the same so nice to be friends with you Zaza. Love and hugs to you dear friend.

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  3. Such a lovely interview and what a delight to see Kamal and her beautiful family. I love your words in the end about everything being only LOVE. So very inspiring – just like Kamal’s blog and her own person. Thanks so much Kate for bringing us all together in this sweet and intimate way. Happy Blogging to both of you and all our fellow bloggers here! 😊

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  4. Happy blogging to you too dear friend and I am feeling so happy to hear these beautiful words from you. All this is thanks to our beloved God who encourages us with his boundless blessings and wants us to be one happy family. Thanks a trillion, Krishnapriya. Love and hugs to you dear.

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  5. A marvellous interview Kamal. It’s simply great to read about a person who is one of my favourite blogger. Beautiful pictures. Have always imagined how wonderful you must look inside out and who look marvellous. Every word of yours depicts how great personality you are. You as person and your blog always gives me something new to learn.

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    1. Thanks, thanks dear Tanvir for your heartfelt and kind hearted compliments and am feeling so happy to hear these wonderful words from you. It is all our beloved God who resides in all of us and makes us beautiful people work towards what he wants the whole humanity to know that we are all Love and we get Real Happiness in Serving Others and making them Happy. This is what we bloggers are all doing our own good bit and inspiring each and everyone.

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      1. Yes same here Tanvir even I have not forgotten our initial bloggers like Harsh, Meenakshi, Akhila, and few other bloggers too. It is so great to be inspiring and encouraging each other and we have made such good friends too. Always am there for you Tanvir. God bless.

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  6. What a wonderful interview! My ‘thank you’ to calmkate, and to my dear friend and fellow blogger, Kamal, I must say I have always thoroughly enjoyed reading what you have to offer, as each one has been received by me like a special heavenly gift. You have been comforting, inspiring, calming, uplifting, and so much more. It is always my joy to delve into your written words, Kamal, and I pray continued blessings upon you!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Yes, yes absolutely true Kate, Jonathan and some of our friends on WordPress are awesome and u all keep on encouraging all of us. God in all of us guiding and inspiring us. Thanks a million and trillion for your great work and encouragement. Love and blessings from our God.

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  7. Dear Kamal, this is my second time reading your heartfelt expose; you truly are my inspiration and grateful writing companion. Of everything you speak about, I found this to be excellent, profound, and with your permission, wish to quote you to your credit on my blog homepage for March, it is:
    “Love God so much that you forget yourself.”
    I’m taking this wisdom to heart as I progress through my Lent devotions. Merci beaucoup, zaza.

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    1. Oh dear Zaza so sorry have not been able to view your reply for many days was so busy my husband had an operation of knee surgery so could not see your comment in this blog. Now you have made me cry tears of joy my most dear friend. I am so very thankful and grateful to you for these heartfelt comments and you know Zaza this is all thanks to my Lord Meher Baba who is the Avatar of the Age and who is in all of us. It is all Him who makes me write these inspiring messages, stories and my Blog too has his name Boundless Blessings and I am so happy that you will put these words of Love for God in your March homepage. Pl. do so and yes it would be so good to take this wisdom to heart for all the times because there is nothing but Love and God is Love and Love must Love. Love and hugs to you my most lovely friend once again.

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      1. O my sweet sister in Meher Baba, we serve and serve the same God, God is love in everyone. I am praying for your husband’s recovery, I assisted my mother in same regard, healing is slow yet worthy at the finish line. I’m been busy too, de-winterizing our home and sprucing for Spring, today is gorgeous and I will walk. I see now from your birth religion you receive wisdom, please share more, yes? My writing is daily inspired after prayer and dreams at night and when I click on the “publish” button, then it is for all. I will post your quote TODAY. Have a marvelous week, with love, zaza

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      2. Thanks dear Zaza for your kind wishes and yes prayers and blessings r so important for all of us and if u have the chance do go and have a look at this site on Meher Baba who is called as a Compassionate Father. His only message to humanity is Love God and that we r all one. There is no religion it is pure man made. The real religion is Love for everyone and Real Happiness comes from making others Happy. I am so glad u r going to publish these beautiful words on your blog, Zaza. Thanks so much dear friend. Love and blessings from Him.

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  8. I feel so happy to be able to view this page today. And to browse through the interviews of fellow bloggers. Thank you Dear Kate for this opportunity to know more about other bloggers. 🙂

    I feel extra happy to read about Kamal who has touched my heart in very special ways with her kind support on this platform. 🙂

    Dear Kamal, Thank you for the love and inspiration that glow in your writings. You exude warmth and happiness and I sincerely want to use this medium to express my appreciation for your unaccountable comments on my blog. Oh yes, you are a wonderful soul and have shown me love with your great support over the years. Your kind heart shines through and through in your beautiful words and you have brightened my mornings on different occasions without even knowing it. Your affection and support for other bloggers are so profound too. You are indeed an amazing personality. 🙂

    Many thanks for letting us into your world. It’s heartwarming to know you beyond your robust and inspiring posts. Thank you for letting us take a peek at your personal life and sharing photos of your family with us. I’ve enjoyed reading this awesome interview. Keep soaring and touching humanity with your writings.

    I hope your husband is fully recovered by now as I’ve only seen this post today – in May.

    Blessings to you and your beautiful family. Peace and Love. 🙂


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  9. I kinda lost track of your interviews kate and i remembered it again so here i am…thank you for introducing to another brilliant WP blogger, Kamal…i am sure i will love and enjoy her works….gonna go and check.


    I am reminded i need to update mine here..

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