a bevy of Bloggers

Sorry, I have neglected this blog …
but here is a blitz on bloggers from my recent post called “starting letters”
where we wrote poems about each other!


Lovingly kind
O wise woman
Vital and vibrant
Ideas galore
Nurtures neighbours
Gives her utmost

Her kindness knows no bounds
as she cares for neighbours,
birdlife and travels with hubby
loyally devoted to her family
with all their imperfections
an authentic kindred soul
one we should all know!

BEAUTIFUL for Rabirius

Blended photos
Eloquently transposed
Artistic creations
Utilizing subtlety
To make social comment
It makes me think
Free of expectation
Under no obligation
Loosens my rigidity

KEITH on the terrified amateur

Kind gentle cook
Eloquent and articulate
Indeed a blessing to meet him
Thoughtful deep comments
Humour and kindness!

for Val on Murisopsis

Virtue is her middle name
Adventurous and creative
Loves Sparky sons and job

PATIENT for Parikhit on weeping pines

Parikhit is a patient talented man
his writing wends a sensitive flow
he has loved, he has travelled
now he works hard
raises funds for children
heals hearts with his words
he’s a good man to know!

Y T RG E L O for Punam  

You are a sister to me
Reflecting a similar philosophy
Great mother and wife
Even tempered and talented
Laughter and love flow
Our rapport in sync
Thanks Punam [wink wink]

for me by Keith!

Care, Kate lavishes in abundance.
All are welcome to partake.
Lots more where that came from too.
Maybe she’s kind just for kindness’s sake.

Keen to find your happy spot?
Arrive here to locate what you need.
Take a few moments to breath in the freshness, and
Every peaceful thought Kate will feed!

TOGETHER for Ozlem

Turkish is her language
Ozlem likes to travel
Getting close to nature
Elevates her mood
Translator loses context
Her lockdown is in Thailand
Even closer to frogs and birds
Radiates warmth and love!

MANGO SALSA for Irma on i i do run

Mother of many
A keen runner
Nurturing us all
Gutsy and busy
Openly honest

Subjected to racism
Aware gentle and kind
Love radiates out
Sensible and sensuous
Able to do anything!


Compassion is his nature
Respectful family gent
Eternal love for Janine
Age has stolen his health
Treasures of memories
Idyllic rural location
Village in scenic France
Idolises his children
True gentleman
You radiate kindness!

SPLENDID for Kamal on boundless blessings

Stories and poems
Pleasing with morals
Love radiates out
Eternally from her faith
Now busy cooking
Domestic chores
Isolated from her career
Dynamic and so kind!

C H F L E R U E for Carolyn, sadly on a private blog

Carolyn is the kindest soul
HUGS us all irrespective
Full of motherly kindness
Loving and accepting
Ethical and ever so deep
Respectful kind comments
Understanding, generous
Each are blessed to know her!

GRATITUDE for Mich on michnavs

Generous kind and funny
Romantic and erotic
Always injects humour
That’s coz she’s got style
Idolises her four daughters
They are apples of her eye
Uniquely kind to the poor
Devoted to her family
Effervescence sparkles thru

FAIRYLAND for Kritika on undressed thoughts

Fantasy arouses young Kritika
As she likes a bit of erotica
I’ve found she has a heart of gold
Reliable and kind comments
Yes she is a real gem
Love radiates from her posts
As she writes with heart on sleeve
Nothing fazes her as she explores
Deep into life’s secret yearnings

BE HOPEFUL for Sadje on life over 50

Brave Sadje posts 5-6 times per day
Ever careful to share those doing prompts

Her kindness and determination radiate
Out to everyone she can touch!
Prepared to read and always comment
Endurance her middle name
Feel blessed I met her on wordpress
Utilizes every minute of her day
Love shines forth to bless us all!

15 thoughts on “a bevy of Bloggers

Add yours

  1. Wow👏👏👏i am speechless Kate..really speechless..this is brilliance top with creativity double up with profound understanding (the wp poets you mentioned) and you did an amazing job ..

    I probably need to come back and say more..lol..😊😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Did I write this brief but heartfelt epistle too early?

    “Hey, Kate
How are you going?
Not throwing
The baby out
With the bathwater ?
I think we oughta
I’m still here
Don’t you know?
And feeling you near
Without fear
Of a future
Which would always be
When you and me
Would hold tight
Together in sorrow
But together still
For every tomorrow”

    Or maybe I’ve already tried to milk too much out of that one ….


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