Visualise yourself in your favourite café. Take the time to recall the décor in detail, the aromatic smells of coffee and treats, the sun shining in, the murmur of patrons … just take a moment to close your eyes and recreate this cosy café where you feel so relaxed and comfortable. Now order up your favourite and settle into a comfy lounge chair to get acquainted with some new and old friends.

A peek at my regular blog would indicate that I prefer poetry and photography sharing it in my own amateurish way. But dang it I will endeavour to broaden my horizons and attempt to gather a plethora of delightful bloggers – cooking, travellers, philosophers, and ‘friends’ from all corners of the globe – why do we say that if the world is round? 

Have also more recently added Day of the Word daily prompts,
with a weekly Scribble and Photo prompt as wordpress dumped us ..

So please browse a while as the interviews give a real insight into the bloggers personal life, how they got into blogging and what they’ve learnt. Best of all there will be several links connecting you to their most popular or favourite posts so that you can ‘taste’ for yourself.

Of course none of this is new as I’ve been seeing interviews with others since I started blogging but they seem to get lost in the archives with our regular posts. So please help me pick them out and post links here to make a huge network or bloggers connection to sample just a fraction of the wealth that WordPress offers us?

Lets help the blogging world turn and become a closer family?
Or get inspired to introduce another blog that you appreciate?


Started with my poems, photos and ideas on Arousedblog and have met so many fascinating people that I want to profile some in order to learn more about them. 


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  1. Well…I love cake, cosy cafes and photography, so I am looking forward to getting sticky cream all over my face as I browse through your wonderful posts and pictures. I am sure that your snaps are in no way amatuerish, but capture the heart of what delighted your eyes at the time. I wish you all the best with your blog and I’m looking forward to reading about your world and what inspires you to write. 🙂

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