Weejars by Sarah

Sarah is a very creative writer sharing her poems and short stories, her vivid imagination will captivate. The revelation here was that Sarah used her previous blog for healing when she was going through a tough time … something we can all relate to.  She documented her recent visit to New Zealand well sharing great photos and stories … check her blog out.

Please share a little about your life?
I am a “forty-something” year old primary school teacher. A typical Leo, I am very social, love to talk and generally, just be around people! My husband and my two fur babies, are my world. I live in North East Victoria, enjoy bushwalking and all things cheese and wine!

Where were you raised?
I was born in Canberra, ACT but actually grew up in a town next to our national capital – a little place called ‘Queanbeyan’ in southern NSW. I lived there until I left to attend university in Bendigo VIC. I returned again, once I graduated.

Do you live far from there now?
I live about 4.5hrs south of there now. I moved to Melbourne in 2001 and lived there, until I met my husband in 2009. I now live near the border of VIC/NSW. A happy compromise of my NSW and Victorian homes!

Something about your family?
I am the eldest of six children. No, we are not Catholic! My mum just wanted another son and kept trying until she got one! Ironic; she wanted four boys…she ended up with four girls! Despite the large age gaps between some of us, we are reasonably close and often hang out together…even, at times, travel together.


the sisters

Your education, work and travels?
I have two degrees in education and am looking to undertake a third in 2018. I have been teaching for just under 17 years. I love what I do – each day is so different and so indescribably rewarding. I did have a break from teaching for four years from 2009 – 2013 and worked as a Community Development worker. I believe this break helped me to become a better teacher and has helped me endure and last the distance! It’s a tough gig and getting harder every year.

I LOVE to travel. Whether it be exploring local gems, interstate expeditions or overseas adventures, I am curious and interested in the world around me. I soak up information and facts like a sponge (you never know when they’ll come in handy for a trivia night!)

I enjoy nothing more than experiencing new things. I adore the outdoors and take every chance (money permitting of course!) to jump on a plane and go somewhere different. I love New Zealand and have holidayed there four times now – with plans to go back! I have also travelled to the US (including Hawaii), England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, and Indonesia.


When, why and how did you start blogging?
Technically speaking, I started blogging 5 years ago, but when referring to my current blog, only 4 months.

I started my first blog ‘Person in the Mirror’ in 2012 when I was going through a particularly rough time. Writing it all down was a cathartic process for me. My blog helped me get through and was active for around 3 years, before I ceased ‘needing’ it.

In April 2017, I was talking to someone about my old blog and this prompted me to return to my site and re-read the posts. They made me realise how much I missed writing.  So…at the end of April 2017, I was motivated to start my new blog ‘By Sarah’, which explores creative writing – mainly short stories and poetry. The name of my blog comes from the way I see children sign off their writing every day at school.

What do you most enjoy about it and what have you learnt?
What I enjoy most about blogging, is the way it draws out the randomness of my mind. I can view or read a prompt and the writing that flows can be so diverse! Sometimes I have no idea where the stories and poems come from! I also enjoy the sense of community and the other writers you ‘meet’. Everyone I’ve met so far, is so friendly, supportive and helpful.

I have learnt that it is important to write regularly. This keeps the momentum of your blog going and helps to develop your writing skills.

Please share a link to your favourite post and tell us why it’s your favourite?
My favourite post is ‘Tasi’ because it recounts a pivotal moment of discovering something new, when you least expect it! It was also one of my first attempts at using a prompt and I feel proud of how I have captured essence of the whisky.

Please share a link to your most popular post?
Coincidentally, my most popular post (by views) is also Tasi. My most popular post, by likes, is Just Desserts which was written in response to a Wordle challenge by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie.

Share something funky about yourself or something most people don’t know?
My husband calls me ‘zany’ because I’m definitely out there with my hobbies. Aside from bushwalking, I am a dragon boat paddler with ‘Bravehearts On The Murray’. Look it up and check out your local club if you have one – you won’t regret it. I also play djembe (African hand drum) and once won a truck pulling competition at the Castlemaine Truck Show.

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  1. I’ve just been over to her blog, reading some of her posts… she’s certainly a good writer, and entertaining too. Very good!

    You’ve got a good review blog here. It’s something I thought about years ago (I’ve been blogging for much longer than my current blog). I’ve seen other people refer to it from time to time but only just thought to visit, I wish I’d come along sooner! 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on By Sarah and commented:
    Originally posted on ‘Meet The Bloggers’, this is an interview about me and my blog.

    A sincere thank you to Kate, for the opportunity to feature on her site. Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed taking part!

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